Best for Businesses in the following Fields

  • Dental Services
  • Chiro/Physiotherapy Services
  • Law Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Financial Services
  • HVAC Compaines
  • Professional Renovation Companies
  • Other Pro Service Providers

Can Your Business "Benefit" from the following?

  • Convert more customers without having to hard sell the services.
  • Know exactly how many visits your website is getting, # of leads, where they're from etc.
  • A new congruent consistent look that represents your business.
  • A website that you're proud to refer anyone to visit

An Effective Website Should "Have" the following

Lead Capturing

What is the most important thing when a customer visits your website? CAPTURING their information! A customer that is willing to provide their contact information is a highly qualified customer. 

Whether they’re just asking for a quote or additional information, their intent is clear! They’re deciding if they should buy from you or another service provider. 

Therefore it is vitally important to have the lead capture form setup on the front page so that you or your team can follow with the customer immediately and increase the likelihood of closing the customer.

lead capture

Get Back Lost Customers

Have you ever visited a website and seconds later you see their ads again on another website? If Yes then you’re being re-targeted! It is no coincidence!

Let’s face it, if your customers didn’t find what they’re looking for on your website, they”ll hit the back button or exit your website. Don’t let that become a lost lead!

Having re-targeting enabled your ads/message will follow your customer around and chances are you increase the probability of bringing that customer back and close the lead!

Mobile Optimized Website

As desktop website decreases in traffic while mobile traffic is picking up and exceeding that of desktop website. It is important to have a mobile optimized website so your potential customers can find you easily.

Did you know that close to 70% of your online customers are visiting your site through a mobile devices(cell phone, ipad, tablets etc). If your website is not mobile optimized or does not have a mobile version even if customers reached your site, they are 67% more likely to hit the back button and leave your site!

Since early 2015, Google has warned that if your website is not mobile friendly, they will rank much lower on the search engine than sites that are mobile optimized. But, do not take our word for it, even Google has its own tool to test if your site is mobile optimized.

mobile website
professional contents

Professional Contents

After dealing with hundred of clients, we find that the #1 factor causing a delay in website project is waiting for clients to provide the website contents, such as images and text content for home page, about us page, service offering page etc.

We understand your time is valuable and you’re busy managing your business, that is why we want put the pressure off your shoulders. 

To solve this problem, all of our website packages come standard with professional English contents personalized for your business! This is a truly hands off and worry free approach. Let us do the work and you sit back and relax!

All information for your business will be gathered from you at the start of the project.

No Contract

We like to keep things simple and straight forward, we do not lock you in on any terms or contract and we lay out all the information clearly on each website package. What you see is what you get. Totally transparent without any fine print.

Each package has a clearly defined goal depends on your business need.

Our packages and workflows are designed to increase efficiency and save you time. You’ve invested on a website, do you really want to spend months going back and forth to get your website completed?

no contract

Time Time Time

Our website completion time frame can range from 2-4 weeks to complete. As soon as you paid the initial 50% deposit. Our system will then email you a discovery form to complete. Once completed your project will start and be completed in 30 days.

Once we received your completed form, we will immediately get to work and start drafting up the website along with professional contents for you to review. 

If any revision is required, we will go back and make the changes you desired. If no further revision is required and you’re satisfied with the project, we will then mark your website as completed and publish it for live viewing.

And then….wait, that’s it.


Simply choose a package below, and pay for the initial 50% deposit to get started immediately.

Wait for our welcome email and the website discovery form for you to fill out so that we know exactly what you need on your website

Upon receipt of your completed forms, we will get to work and provide you with the initial website draft within 2-3 business days

Pricing & Deliverable

Brand Builder

For professional businesses that are starting out or happy with where they are now but want to have a professionally created website with effective lead capturing feature.
$ 5,000
  • Custom Designed Website
  • Free Mobile Optimized Website
  • Optimized for Lead Capture
  • Professional Contents
  • FREE Blog to Post Articles
  • Website Submitted to Search Engine
  • Secure Your Brand Name
  • Social Profile Links
  • Professional Written Articles
  • Social Media Posting
  • Re-Targeting

Authority Builder

For professional businesses that wish to grow and become an authority in their respective industry, increase trust and reliability in the customers eye. Includes everything from Brand Builder Package.
$ 8,000
  • Custom Designed Website
  • Free Mobile Optimized Website
  • Optimized for Lead Capture
  • Professional Contents
  • FREE Blog to Post Articles
  • Website Submitted to Search Engine
  • Secure Your Brand Name
  • 100 Social Profile Links
  • 4 x Professional Written Articles
  • 3 Months Social Media Posting
  • Re-Targeting 2 Months

Profit Builder

For professional businesses that wish to setup an automated lead engine and constantly have leads flowing in. Includes everything from Brand and Authority Builder packages.
$ 12,000
  • Custom Designed Website
  • Free Mobile Optimized Website
  • Optimized for Lead Capture
  • Professional Contents
  • FREE Blog to Post Articles
  • Website Submitted to Search Engine
  • Secure Your Brand Name
  • 200 Social Profile Links
  • 8 x Professional Written Articles
  • 1 Year Social Media Posting
  • Re-Targeting 4 Months

Need Us Host Your Site?

29.95$/Month or 299.95/Year

We work with professional service providers, such as dentists, chiropractors, lawyers etc so we understand the importance of having a super fast and reliable website, at the same time without the worries of site going down, virus infection etc. We take care of all these with the following

Super Fast hosting

Thanks to Solid State Drive storage. If you have a laptop with a SSD hard drive, you’ll know how fast it loads and we use the same kind of hard drive to host your website.

Daily website backup

We back your website on a daily basis, when your website runs into trouble and in need of a restoration, we got your back!



free restoration

Website infected with virus? Not a problem, we clean those out for you and restore your site back to its healthy state for FREE.




Most frequent questions and answers

These links are created from high authority powered social media site such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch etc. The benefits are two folds: First, it gives your site power and help your business rank in term of SEO benefit. Second, we use your business brand name to lock in these social profile accounts so when customer search for your brand online, more of your brand assets/links will show up on search engine. The results are higher authority for your website.

Securing as many brand names online as possible is very important. For example, if your business is called “King City Dental”, it is important for you to secure this name for your online assets, such as and many others. The idea is that when your potential customer search your brand name online, you want as many of your online assets that contain your brand name to show up as possible, imagine on Google page one 1-10 positions are all assets belong to your company, whichever link they click will only result in them going into your business.

With social media posting, we will create daily social media post to revitalize your business social media accounts. Choose from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Not only does this service makes your social media account active, we will also include posts to promote your business and your company’s service offerings. The results are giving customer an impression that you have an active business and is often sharing useful contents to your followers. If your followers love your contents, they might share it and results in more people linking your business page. It also gives signal to Google that your business is active.

Our professional articles are crafted with our in house 100% English speaking writers. They’ll perform topic research related to your business/industry and then come up with an article topic that is meant to educate your potential customers/website visitors. The goal in this service is to develop your business as an authority figure while providing useful information in an article format. Each article has a minimum word count of 1000 words. Nowadays, Google loves long form contents. Not only these articles help develop your brand as an authority figure, the most powerful benefit is that it help you rank on the search engine from many of the long tail keywords in the article. You’re welcome!

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