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Social Media Management Services

Focus on Your Best, Let Us do the Rest!

Let’s face it, unless you are a big corporation with a team of on site marketing professionals, it will be hard for a small business owner to manage its core business and social media presence all at the same time.

We truly believe that business owners should spend their most valuable time to the do best they can, that is focusing on their core businesses that generates the highest return on investment or making high impact decisions.

With that in mind, Persistent Media Social Media Management service is the best fit for your businesses. Find out why below….


The Problem

According to Payscale.com, the median salary for a social media manager in Canada is 44,189$ annually, not including additional benefits payable to employee. You might be thinking, I’d rather save on the cost and do all of these myself.

But…There is only one problem: creating contents and posting to your social media account is a daunting task, imagine the work loads if you have to do this day by day, now multiply that by the accounts you have to manage, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.


The Solution

Introducing the Social Media Management Services from Persistent Media…

Back End Control Panel

We will provide you with access to our back end control panel to manage your social media accounts.

Measure Performance

We will provide analytic on your best performing contents and hashtags.

Native English Writers

All contents are created by Native English writers, making sure contents are up to industry standard.

Easy Account Management

You’ll be provided with one single login to manage your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts.

Advanced Schedule System

You can schedule your posts in advance and decide when to post with our easy to use scheduling system.

Professional Support

Yup, as usual we offer professional support on all our services, give us a try =).


Here is how it works:

You sign up for a FREE account here (Click on “Free sign up” at the bottom), which will permit you to use our back-end software(much like Hootsuite) to manage your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin using one single login.

You then decide if you want to manage your own social media accounts or simply have us manage it and will make daily social media posts on your behalf, see below for pricing information.


Cost Effective Social Media Management Services

                                   Bigger Bang for the Buck……

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