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Do You Want "Unlimited" Referrals to Your Business?


That is a dream come true for any businesses! Referrals are cost-less, often as a result of your good reputation and from customers who had a positive experience from your services.

However, here is the PROBLEM

Referrals don’t just come automatically! It comes from actual customers that have tried/liked your services; it is a result of them spreading the words! 

That is why any businesses that intend to stay in the game for an extended period must focus on building their business authority and develop/protect their reputations!

Why Build "Authority" & "Reputation"?

Why do some businesses have an endless stream of customers while the one next to them doesn’t? Why do you hire this real estate agent and not the others?

It all comes down to two words “Authority & Reputation.”

Authority is what your prospect think of your business before trying out your services. It is the seed that you planted to help you or your company develop a certain level of authority. It is the image you planted in your prospect’s mind. The higher your authoritative level, the easier it is for the potential prospect to buy your services.

For example, public speaking, authoring a book, and teaching will all help you become a subject matter expert and thus develops yourself or business as an authority. The key here is to educate so others will see you as an expert on a subject matter.

Now reputation is what your customers think of your business after they’ve interacted and purchased from you. If the experience is right, then you most likely have a positive reputation and results in a referral after referral due to your good business reputation.

All in all, the better the authority, the more customers you will attract. The better the customer experience, the better the reputation your business will develop. These two components complement each other and are the primary driver of your business success.

The 3 "Stages" of Customer Temperaments

Different customers at different stages will have a different perception of your business reputation:

Cold Stage: The ones that have never heard of your business have no feeling towards your business/brand.

Warming Stage: They’ve heard of your business name may be from an advertisement or someone recommending/referring your services, they’re now ready to give your services a try.

Hot Stage: They’ve tried your services and started to form an opinion, either they liked it, hated it or indifferent.

The "Effects" of Good Authority & Reputation

  • Leads are easier to convert and more likely to become your customers.
  • Spend less effort chasing your prospects, they'll come to you even if they have to line up for your service.
  • More repeat customers.
  • More referrals.

"How to" Improve Your Business Authority?

Guess what? Educating your prospect is the first step!

Here is usually how it works! Let say someone is looking for a service online, be it health, financial, or home related professional services.

Your prospect searches for your service online, let say they’re looking for basement crack repair. They found two businesses; the first website only has contact information and a list of things they do including basement crack repair service.

Then the prospect checks on the 2nd website and came across an article that details how to repair basement cracks and provided the prospect precisely what he needs. However, it is too complicated for the prospect to fix it himself. Now, what will the prospect do? Since the 2nd business has become an authority in the prospects’ eye, who will he call? The 1st or 2nd business?

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