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Do You Guarantee a Sale? and Ton of Sales?

We regret to say that we cannot not guarantee that your company will make ton of sales, or even a sale as there are too many factors outside of our control. For example, we cannot control your conversion rate, whether or not a customer is going to buy from you as a result of your web copy, web design, and most importantly we can’t control your pricing.

Does Your Company Guarantee Anything? at all?

All that we can promise and guarantee is that we will put your company in the best possible position to capture all the reserved traffics given to the top ranking websites on page one of major search engines. We can calculate the approximate time it takes to rank your website based on our understanding of keyword difficulties and If in any case(which is unlikely) your company is not ranked during the specified time frame, we will work on your SEO for FREE until you are ranked. Simple as that!