Your Daycare Business Will Never Be The Same Again

Less Work -> Less Headache -> All Automated

An Employee That Works For You 24/7/365 at the cost of 1-2 months of Salary

Starting today, we promise you will not run your Daycare/Montessori business the same again.

You see, most business owners believe they can just conduct their Daycare business by just having a website displaying information about their service offerings.

While having a great lead focused website is a must but having just a website is not enough.

Allow me to explain. Must owners spending their time doing tasks that are necessary but really they shouldn’t be doing it themselves. For example, parent calls in wish to book an appointment for a facility tour, sure that’s a great thing but do you really need to spend time over the phone to have this done? Shouldn’t your website has functionality that can handle that? Afterall, your website should be your most valuable employee working 24/7 and automating these tasks for you.

Take our own marketing agency business as an example. We used to believe that by simply having a great website people will notice it and business will just come by itself. What a naïve thinking!

Imagine xxx time from now, you’ll have a system that help you do xxx and you’ll have more time knowing that customers will come in on autopilot and your website system will automatically take cares of them

As you can imagine, doing these tasks repetitively consumes your mental energy and really is unnecessary time spent.

Introducing the Persistent Media Daycare website system. It can help you do xyz


I need an appointment system for parents to book a tour

Have you been receiving calls from parents wishing to book a tour? Is this time and date available? how about tomorrow or next week? 


An online appointment system that let’s you specify when and only when you want to take tour appointment. Parents will enter their name/email/phone information will then get saved directly into the website CRM system.

You’ll receive a notification when an appointment is booked.

Problem #2

Have your business reached the max capacity?

Congratulations that is a good problem to have!


Create waitlist form -> Parents submit the form-> information is automatically recorded by the CRM system and tagged “In waiting list”.

Simply open up the “wait list” filter to see all parents on the waiting list. You have the option to email/call them up one by one or simply send one email to all parents on the waiting list letting them know you have spots open up, do it all within the system.

Problem #3

Have to print out all different types of forms and hand delivery parents to sign? Waiver form, registration form, summer camp form, etc. 


You can create all types of forms in the system and insert the form anywhere on your website so parents can easily fill them out.

All parents who submitted the form will be automatically recorded in the CRM system for you to follow up.

Problem #3

Need to send some urgent important message to all the parents but too time consuming to call them up one by one?


With the build in email marketing system, you now can send important messages to all the parents with one single click.

With the build in tracking feature, you can easily see who opened the email.